upcoming games


fabrication, the resident evil type zzt game where you kill zombies and piece together a
horrifying puzzle of a plot that threatens the world

daddy's gonna pay for your crashed car
a trip into the unkown

a game breakout's gonna make when hes drunk


[ u n d ]
something 's going on underneath Kisagama High School. In this
action RPG, play as a student who hears noises, and heads down to the
basement, only to discover a giant labyrinth. Fight demons, ghosts, and find
out what the teachers are really doing when they descend to the basement.

Electric Lemonade
From the depths of your subconscious to the streets of
suburbia, here comes Electric Lemonade. Venture back and forth from reality
to the dream world to try to stop them from colliding.


iron ring
iron ring has been remade already, and this is going to be tbot's fourth time. an rpg. hopefully a good one. sorry for the lack of info. but, yea.

terrorists are creating a secret weapon to destroy the united nations. u.n. spies find out about it, and send in one of three special force soldiers. you select between the three, and each has two endings, making it 6 different paths to choose.p>

Diablo is going to be an action-rpg. Kirby can make it in zzt now. REJOICE.