__real name - big d
__email -
__AIM - zztbreak
__date joined jesus inc - 04/05/01
__games made(not in jinc) - agent, leprechaun bash,
adventures of billy nagroc demo, fabrication demo
__hobbies - music, getting drunk, and snowboarding
__most loved person/thing - jesus h. christ
__most hated person/thing - wicked atheist children that must be tied to the post and whipped
__quote - "i like dropping my pants in public places. underwear and all. i love watching the shocked
expressions. especially when i get thrown in the squad car."

__real name - draco
__email -
__AIM - large mchuge big
__date joined jesus inc - 4/5/01
__games made - teen preist 1, tp2, (in)edible vomit, hollywood hooker, some other im too lazy to put
__hobbies - weed, weezer, depeche mode, girls, guitar, others...
__most loved thing - ...
__most hated thing - ...

__real name - Brandon Malicoat
__Email -
__AIM - hardflip132
__date joined jesus inc - Since beginning, 4/5/01
__games made(not in jinc)- none
__hobbies - skateboarding
__most loved person/thing- skateboard
__most hated person/thing- FPD
__quote - "Fight the War, Fuck the Norm"- Rage Against the Machine

__real name - ry0suck
__email -
__AIM - Princess Ryo
__date joined jesus inc - 04/05/01
__games made(not in jinc) - 4 Worlds, A Few More Hours Down Town, Bathroom SE, Black Carriage 1, Down Town,
Plunger Super Etiquette, Cactus Juice
__hobbies - music, composing music, punk rawk, writing, drawing, raping japanese schoolgirls with many tentacles of death, fun
__most loved person/thing - tentacles
__most hated person/thing - SATAN
__quote - "you can always turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug...especially
when it's waving a razor sharp hunting knife in your eye."

stevie s
__Real name - Steve Schlicker
__email -
__AIM - Grommit133
__date joined jesus inc - 4/5/01
__games made(not in jinc) - none yet released...
__hobbies - skateboarding, rocking out, dirtbiking, videogames, beer.
__most loved person/thing - my bed
__most hated person/thing - those damn fuzzy things.. you know what im talking about.
(actually, i dont know what im talking about)
__quote - "We can't stop here!! This is bat country!"

__real name - Tom Erickson
__email -
__AIM - omni tbot
__date joined jesus inc - 4/07/01
__games mad(not in jinc) - FreeTime(firstgame), Mouse selection engine (1&2), Plumber pipes
__hobbies - music(is life), biking, skateboreds, chatting on mirc, and zzzzt
__most loved person/thing - MONEY and MUSIC
__most hated person/thing - award shows
__quote - "it seems as though im going nowhere... really fucking fast" incubus

__Real name - Mitchell Chase
__email -
__AIM - ToyKirby1
__date joined jesus inc - 04/05/01
__games made(not in jinc)- The Adventures of Dalaran, GoldKeys
__hobbies - ZZT, ZIG, Music, Computer, The Quake series
__most loved person/thing- tbot (tbot: of course, who doesnt?)
__most hated person/thing- shitty computers
__quote - If you can't beat em', beat em'