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Cactus Juice - _ry0suke_
Everything! - Drac0
India (get you bags boys!); WE - breakout
Plumber Pipes - tbot

Breakout's Games

India! (get your bags, boys):WE
India : Wicked Edition is a 24OHZZT "wickedized". Breakout made this for a 24hozzt
contest, he added to it, and inmproved the grahpics. This is a comedy about Christopher
Colombus and his sailing to "India". Its pretty funny, and has good graphics. The first game
released under Jesus inc.

Drac0's Games

This is a collection of every game drac0 has released, whish include Teen Priest (1 and 2) insanity, hollywood hooker, edible vomit, and many others.

ry0suke's Games

Cactus Juice
Another trippy game from RY0SUCK. You take the role of a nameless drug addict, who came to the desert with his friend to get some cactus juice. Follow them on their short and zany adventure of life, love, and some really funky juice.

Tbot's Games

Plumber Pipes
A somewhat hard puzzle game, kinda like a game "Oil Spill", if youve seen that. Slime is trevling through pipes, but those pipes are broken. You must select the right pipe to insert into the gaps, so the slime doesnt spill out. Simple? Not at all.