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7/23 - I AM VERY SORRY. I HAVENT UPDATED FOR A WHILE. Today i fix page looks, and add Draco's EVERYTHING. I will do one thing a day now, or at least ill try. abuse me if i dont. also, added a counter, i wish to see how much this page is viewed.
p.s. my fellow members, if you can, please update this page. its can be as simple as one sentence, or a whole new section. any help would be appreciated.
- tbot

6/25 - 'ello all. We didnt die, i just finally got around to updating. Ill make this BIIIIG. Here's what i hope to have before the end of today: all member names go to the right place, i get pulseczar's info, add most games even NOT made in jinc, im working on a fixed up logo, and other things.

6/5 - YAY. an update. im changing my upcoming games, because one is broken. wow, its been a while.

5/21 - i added pictures in the upcoming section.

5/20 - i fixed some of the pages, and got ryo to help me out, as you can see. all links should work, n'such. jesus inc seems to be running strong, everything is good.

5/20 - hi. i updated the webpage. yay for me. anyway, i uploaded my new short and trippy game, CACTUS JUICE. who knows. enjoy.